As a team of young South Africans, we have grown up through the very unique transition and very exciting times of the democracy of South Africa. In the eyes of many, including us, the majority of this transition has been due to the selfless work, perseverance and commitment of many important individuals with a shared vision and common goal. shares this same vision. Peace in the Middle East. A vision shared by five individuals wanting to make a difference.We emanate diversity at our very core and share one thing in common, a vision to spread the truth and facts about the situation in the Middle East.

All being former university students based in Johannesburg, constantly at the forefront of prejudice on both the sides of, Israel and Palestine, we wanted to create a platform where normal people that lead normal lives, can come to a website and actually educate themselves with Real Facts, with no bias or ulterior motives on the current situation

We all stand for PEACE. We all want PEACE in the Middle East. We all want to know and share the Real Facts.

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