Israel Apartheid Week 2018

Objective: To expose and highlight BDS’ intention of sparking incitement amongst both groups, creating greater hatred amongst a variety of factions in society, and further dividing both sides of the conflict.

Below is a powerful and explosive condemnation of BDS at an anti-Israel gathering by Ben Shapiro.

Ben Shapiro is a respected, well-known, political analyst and commentator that explains why anti-Israel sentiments and BDS DOES NOT STEM FROM FACTS BUT RATHER ANTI-SEMITISM.

Key Messaging: To come to solutions, we need to come to engage dialogue and not create a divide. We are looking at the divide BDS create by not entering into discussions but rather create a divide that needs to be reconciled.

See how Palestinian and Israeli bereaved families came together in of support reconciliation and tolerance.

The key note speaker, neither an Israeli or Palestinian, poignantly states how we should not be on the Palestinian side, we should not be on the Israeli side but on the HUMAN SIDE.



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