Refugee Crisis

Refugee Crisis: Global context

Illegal Immigration is the biggest problem of the 21st Century. Almost Every country in the world is deporting Illegal Immigrants. For example:

2017 South Africa deported 50 000 illegal immigrants

2016 Germany deported 60 000 illegal immigrants

2013 to 2015 Russia deported 513 illegal immigrants

2013 to 2015 Europe deported 1070 000 illegal immigrants

One must also bear-in-mind that the Israel refugee issue is reported on an unproportionate amount in comparison to the rest of the world.

The United Kingdom for example, a first world country, which exemplifies and calls for inclusivity, diversity, democracy and modern values in 2001 had only 169,370 officially recognized refugees living within its borders compared to Germany’s 988,500, Iran’s 1.9 million or Pakistan’s 2.2 million? Are we made sufficiently aware that during the same year the UK received 71,365 applicants for asylum, granting this status to just 11,180 individuals — 0.02% of the UK population? Or that Pakistan received a single influx of 199,900 Afghan refugees? Or that the ten largest refugee movements in 2001 were, apart from Yugoslavia, all made between countries in the Third World?

How many of us learn from our press that the UK population growth is slowing down to the extent that it has actually become a cause for concern? How many are aware that a 2002 a UN report recommended replacement immigration as a solution to this problem, or that the recommendation was rejected by the European Commission on the grounds that the impact of immigration on population was insignificant?

What do the media have to say about the fact that the UK has recently sold arms to all five countries of origin topping the UK list of asylum applicants in 2001? This, despite the fact that, in each case, violent military conflict remains the dominant root cause of refugee flight. More generally, what emphasis is placed on adverse conditions in countries of origin — poverty, human rights abuses, global income disparity, conflict and torture — in articles concerned with asylum and immigration?

Why doesn’t the media widely report on this?

If you’d like to read up more on this fascinating issue, see the article below.

In addition to the UK, Canada, another first world country, has very recently deported hundreds of people to countries designated too dangerous for civilians, with more than half of those people being sent back to Iraq, according to government data obtained by Reuters.

Further damming evidence of the victimization of Israel can be seen in statistics gathered on refugees expelled by Muslim countries.

20 000 Palestinians expelled by Jordan

10 000 Palestinians expelled by Libya

21 000 Palestinians expelled by Iraq

31 000 Palestinians expelled by Lebanon

200 000 Palestinians expelled by Kuwait

Racist BDS hypocrisy thought this was fine but targeted Israel?

Why does the media not lambast these countries?



Hillen Neuer, head of UN watch, speaks poignantly about this. Watch the video here.