Zionism – the National liberation movement of the Jewish People.

Zionism is the national movement of Jewish self-determination – the desire for the existence of a Jewish state. To suggest that Jewish self-determination is illegitimate is to deny the Jewish people the right to self-determination. This right is enshrined by international law. The Zionism equals racism analogy was promoted by a UN resolution voted and supported by the Soviet Union, various Arab states and African dictators such as Idi Amin. In the 1990s, the analogy gained prominence, after Israel, because of the Oslo Accords, granted the Palestinians limited self-government in the form of the Palestinian Authority, and established a system of permits and checkpoints in the Palestinian Territories. The resolution was repealed in 1991. This analogy has unfortunately been used by various groups critical of Israeli policy. Israel cannot be called an Apartheid state because unlike South Africa which enshrined its racial segregation policies in law, Israeli law is the same for Jewish citizens and other Israeli citizens, with no explicit distinction between race, creed or sex.

“We recognize the legitimacy of Zionism as Jewish Nationalism.”- Nelson Mandela

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There are 50 Muslim States in the world but only 1 Jewish State.

In 1948 the United Nations created a Jewish State. This was after hundreds of years of anti-Semitic attacks, pogroms, crusades, expulsions and mass killings.

Most notably, the state was granted to the Jewish people after the second World War ended in which the Holocaust took place. 6 million innocent Jewish lives were taken during this time. The creation and maintenance of the Jewish state is not only legitimized by historical, religious, and legal parameters (among others) but in the spirit of protecting, preserving and building the Jewish way of life and culture.

Israel has been the national home of the Jewish people for the past 3 000 years. From King David until today Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people.

Unlike Israel, radical groups in the Palestinian government have called for the complete expulsion of Jewish people from both Israel and Palestine.