Understanding Hamas


1. Hamas is a radical Islamist group and is designated a  terrorist organization by the U.S., the EU, Canada, Japan, and Israel and banned in Jordan, the UK, and Australia.

2. Hamas is supported by the world’s major state sponsors of terrorism and worst human rights abusers.

3. Hamas is not trying to end an Israeli “occupation” in Gaza. Israel withdrew entirely from Gaza in 2005 when Israel evacuated all settlements, people, and soldiers in 2005 to promote peace.

4. Hamas’ stated mission is the murder of Jews, the “obliteration” of Israel, and its replacement with an Islamic theocracy.

5. Hamas rejects all compromises and negotiations with Israel. Its goal is Israel’s destruction, not territorial accommodation nor peaceful coexistence.

6. Hamas systematically commits war crimes with impunity, targeting Israeli citizens and forcing its own citizens to be directly in the line of fire.

7. Hamas is responsible for the civilian casualties in Gaza and cynically exploits these deaths for propaganda purposes.

8. Hamas’ dictatorial government oppresses Gaza’s residents, denying them civil, human, and political rights.

9. Hamas has impoverished Gaza by diverting resources for civilians to build its war machine.

10. If Hamas renounced terrorism, honored past PLO-Israel agreements, and accepted a two-state solution, there would be no violence, and Israel and the international community would help turn Gaza into a thriving, beautiful Mediterranean region. Hamas has instead chosen a path that is destructive for Israelis, Palestinians, and hopes for a better future.